Capital to Put Expansion Plans In Motion

When it comes to investing in expansion, many lenders are only interested in funding limited parts of your overall need. OY6 is able to fund a broader range of equipment, assets, and soft costs to help you preserve cash at a low cost of funds.

Automate. Transform. Evolve.

Digital transformation plans are essential to winning in today’s marketplace. Automation is essential to production efficiency and lower operating costs. But corporate budgets often leave full realization of digital evolution behind. Creative and innovative financing from OY6 can overcome these limitations and keep you on the cutting edge.

Low-Cost Capital From Existing Assets

Are you sitting on millions in equipment equity that could offer higher returns invested elsewhere? OY6 helps companies unlock equipment equity and redeploy capital into higher ROI applications with low-cost debt instruments and a straightforward process.

More Capital for Growth.

Growth plans often outpace the lending parameters of traditional lending. Credit capacity often stops at the regaulatory reach of a single lender, where OY6 Capital Markets expertise can deliver stronger lending amounts, advance rates and syndicated solutions that eliminate the need to tap precious cash reserves.

Multi-Vendor Project Finance

When the new project requires funding 11 vendors in 4 countries over 13 months before the finished project has any real collateral value, banks are nowhere to be found. Instead of depleting equity, cash reserves or increasing revolver utilization, trust the team at OY6.

Avoid Bank Group Hassles

Funding CapEx and Project needs through your bank group may limit your overall access to capital or negatively impact revolver capacity. Additionally, bank groups often struggle to work through the complexities commonly presented by these investments and are further limited by an inability to move quickly. OY6 works as a complement to your bank group and improves access to capital while bringing the expertise and service to get the deal done right.

Financing for Non-Standard Assets

Whether it’s bespoke software, unique manufacturing assets, or a lighting retrofit banks can’t collateralize, the team at OY6 is able to dig deeper, and deploy competitive capital solutions that preserve cash, revolver capacity and equity.

Easy Funding of Ongoing CapEx Needs

We leverage our experience on manufacturing floors, job sites, server rooms, operating rooms and board rooms to help companies more effectively acquire, finance, manage and dispose of equipment, lowering life cycle costs and preserving capital. Our differentiated approach to equipment financing is born from understanding your business.

Overcoming Performance Challenges

Turning an enterprise around requires innovation, courage…and capital. Traditional lenders often seek shelter when companies face storms. the team at OY6 can reach beyond the credit limitations of banks and fuel growth with creative capital solutions when you need them most.

Finance Specialities

Equipment Finance

  • Large Ticket – $3MM and up
  • Industry Agnostic
  • Vendor Agnostic
  • Broad Credit Range
  • Locations Across North America
  • Wide Collateral Considerations
  • Teams Up To 84 Months

Project Finance

  • 100% financing to include up to 50% soft costs
  • Multiple Vendor
  • Deposit and progress payment funding
  • Multiple currency
  • Non-USA and foreign parent subsidiary
  • Wide Collateral Considerations

Non-Recourse Project Finance

  • Special purpose vehicle
  • Long terms and amortizations up to 20-years
  • Ability to underwrite based on contracts
  • Non-USA and foreign parent subsidiary